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...with the Machine Learning Masterclass.

Are you interested in machine learning and data science, but feel overwhelmed? Our new hands-on, project-centric course is your fastest way to master real-world machine learning with Python.

This is the only course in which you can learn elite machine learning skills while building an impressive portfolio at the same time.

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"How the hell can I learn ML in a single month?"
Good question - here's how...

First, you'll focus on practical, real-world machine learning.

Practical Machine Learning Workflow

Practical Machine Learning

Practical machine learning is all about getting results.

This course was created by practitionersnot by academics. Every project is lovingly crafted to teach you how to use machine learning to get results quickly, without confusion and headaches.

Our central philosophy at EliteDataScience is to learn by "doing shit."

We believe in flipping the traditional process on its head by starting with getting real results. Plus, it becomes much easier to master the theory and math once you can implement machine learning in practice.

You'll gain machine learning skills that can boost your career, big time.

Every project you'll complete is from the real business world (yes, that means you can brag about them in interviews). Want to see how ML can help in marketing, HR analytics, or even real-estate? Now you can, with hands-on practice solving valuable problems.

Machine learning is one of the most in-demand skills on the job market right now. And through this course, you'll get to practice the same machine learning tasks used by Fortune 500 companies and tech startups.

Whether you're an aspiring data scientist or you just want to apply machine learning in your current business, this course will teach you how.

Machine Learning Salary

Machine learning is in heavy demand!

Interactive Machine Learning Projects

With pretty graphics.

Have fun with interactive projects that are portfolio-ready.

Skip the boring textbooks. This course features 4 epic, hands-on projects that you'll complete through interactive Jupyter Notebooks.

Plus, these projects look very impressive in your portfolio or resume (yes, we'll teach you how to make pretty graphics, too).

Machine learning is an applied field, and it should be taught in a hands-on, "play-and-learn" way.

You're going to have fun... We're going to have fun... And together, we're going to get real results.

Walk away with hard-core practical skills that get real results.

Other courses spend weeks on deriving individual algorithms... Then, the course is over before you know it, and you still don't know how to actually apply them.

We think that's a crappy way to learn machine learning, and our masterclass flips this archaic approach on its head.

After you take a machine learning course, you should walk away feeling empowered to apply ML in your work and projects.

Unfortunately, so many other courses out there fail to deliver on this one simple promise. We won't, because we created this course specifically to bridge that gap.

Reliable and Valid Results

Ready, Aim, Hit!

Second, you'll complete 4 EPIC, portfolio-ready projects.

Quartermaster Q

Quartermaster Q

Project 1: Meet the quartermaster.

Who is this stern-looking old fellow, you may ask? This is none other than Q, the quartermaster from the classic James Bond franchise!

He appeared in iconic films such as From Russia with Love (1963), Goldfinger (1964), and The Spy Who Loved Me (1977). In fact, if you've watched any of the classic Bond films, you'll know that every successful mission requires at least two elements:

  1. A witty action star.
  2. Cool gadgets, sexy cars, and reliable tools (provided by Q).

So who's the action star in this course? It's you, of course! And you guessed it... this first project is all about equipping yourself with the best tools for the mission.

We might not be able to give you a slick new Aston Martin, but we'll sure as hell arm you with everything you need to tackle machine learning!

Think of this as an "orientation project on steroids." We'll introduce all the key concepts and libraries that will help us throughout the course.

Deep Dive Concepts:

  • A beginner-friendly crash-course on Python.
  • The best tools and libraries for machine learning.
  • The big picture concepts every practitioner must understand.
  • How to think about the real-world ML workflow.
  • Exactly where all the moving pieces fit in.

Project 2: Become a real-estate mogul.

What does it take to become a superstar real-estate mogul? A huge bank account? Shark-like negotiation skills? Connections in every corner of the town?

Well, those certainly help (a lot!)... But what you definitely need is the ability to value houses accurately for spotting good deals...

And that's the challenge we'll be tackling in our second project.

No, we're not going to drive to a thousand houses and take their measurements... Instead, we'll take advantage of machine learning to build a pricing model using data from thousands of homes.

This is a really fun and relevant dataset, and you'll have a blast exploring it!

After project #2, you'll find that so many previously confusing concepts will just "click" because you'll get to see the entire ML process from start to finish.

Plus, we'll explain the dozens of important decisions you'll need to make along the way, with special emphasis on the algorithms used for Supervised Learning: Regression.

Deep Dive Concepts:

  • Practical comparison of regression algorithms.
  • How to perform exploratory analysis like a pro.
  • Exactly when to apply different data preprocessing steps.
  • How to sample and split your data the right way.
  • The #1 secret to choosing the best model for the problem.
Supervised Learning - Regression

Supervised Learning - Regression

Supervised Learning - Classification

Project 3: Improve employee retention.

Data science and machine learning is revolutionizing many fields in exciting ways. One of the hottest uses for machine learning right now is in the human resources (HR) analytics.

For many companies, their most challenging task is finding, training, and keeping talented employees.

Therefore, it's in their best interest to identify employees likely to leave and then bribe them with a pay raise proactively address their concerns.

In this project, you'll build classification models for predicting employees likely to quit based on factors such as the average number of hours worked per week and the time since their last promotion.

In project #3, you'll learn our best tips for the art of machine learning, including how to build robust models that you can feel confident about.

You'll also become well-versed with algorithms for Supervised Learning: Classification.

Deep Dive Concepts:

  • Practical comparison of classification models.
  • How to perform feature engineering like a pro.
  • The easiest way to avoid overfitting your model.
  • How to evaluate your model using different error metrics.
  • Clever shortcuts that will save you hours of work.

Project 4: Discover customer segments.

Successful businesses use machine learning to create win-win situations for themselves and their customers. One effective way to do so is to use clustering methods to create better customer segments.

This allows firms to cut marketing waste by matching messages to customers more likely to respond. At the same time, customers benefit because they receive less but more relevant marketing.

Companies save money. Customers save more time to watch cat videos on YouTube. Win. Win.

In this project, you'll explore how unsupervised learning can be used to create customer segments. You'll get to use a cool customer purchasing dataset to practice various clustering methods.

Project #4 is about rounding out your machine learning skill set. After completing it, you'll feel confident that you can tackle any machine learning challenge you find interesting.

Plus, you'll have gained the valuable ability to apply Unsupervised Learning algorithms to solve meaningful business problems... That is a true badge of honor, even among ML professionals!

Deep Dive Concepts:

  • Practical comparison of clustering models.
  • How to perform dimensionality reduction like a pro.
  • Easy, yet effective ways to visualize your data.
  • How to create business value from your data.
  • Simple and smart ways to overcome roadblocks.
Clustering Algorithms

Unsupervised Learning - Classification

Finally, you'll learn directly from real industry professionals.

Learn from real data scientists

Hard at work (watching cat videos on YouTube)

Get practical advice from real data scientists, not from professors.

Are you confused about how to translate university course material into real results? Get down-to-earth advice straight from professional data scientists. We exclusively focus on actionable tips and industry best practices.

Here are some of the practical questions that we'll answer:

  • How do you know which algorithms to use?
  • Which data preprocessing steps are needed for each problem?
  • When can you be satisfied with your model?
  • How can you use machine learning in real businesses?

Spend less time on setup, more time learning.

Setup will be a breeze, even if you're a complete beginner. You'll enjoy a step-by-step quickstart setup guide, a complete checklist that you can reuse, and all the datasets in one ZIP folder.

We wanted to create the ultimate stress-free solution to getting started with machine learning.

Bonus Quickstart Guide

Everything you'll need, all in one place.

Machine Learning Masterclass Companion Guide

Easily review key concepts.

Easily review with a companion e-book bursting with information.

That's right, there's no need to take notes as you go along. You can immerse yourself in the projects and focus on learning. You'll get a complete companion PDF bursting with information.

Review will be a breeze with our companion e-book that is richly packed with notes, instructions, checklists, and lesson material. You'll have all the key concepts from each project all in one place.

Tip: This guide is also an awesome way to prepare for interviews.

Enjoy an education worth over $2,500.

You'll get the best practical machine learning course in the world, at a crazily affordable price. This is the fastest way to master applied machine learning, guaranteed.

  • University courses can cost $2,500 per semester, yet you won't gain nearly the same level of practical knowledge...
  • Online "bootcamps" cost up to $4,000 per person, yet they are often taught by mediocre instructors (it's luck of the draw)...
  • In-person "bootcamps" cost up to $16,000 per person, yet they require 3 full months from your life...

But here's the kicker... None of those options offer you the same unique blend of hard-core practical skills AND impressive projects for your portfolio.

Value of Machine Learning Education

Machine learning is a valuable skill for your career.

Let's recap why you'll love this course:

You'll develop a valuable and in-demand skill.

  • You'll learn quickly.

    Skip the textbooks and thick math and discover how to get results right away. This masterclass is designed from the ground up to be practical and efficient.

  • You'll accelerate your career.

    Every example we use is from the real business world. The skills you learn will allow you to open more doors and command a higher salary.

  • You'll have a ton of fun.

    You can “play and learn” at the same time with these interactive Jupyter Notebooks.  There’s no need to settle for dense e-books or sit through boring lectures.

  • You'll complete 4 epic projects.

    Project-based learning is the best way to master machine learning. Plus, these projects look very impressive in your portfolio and resume.

  • You'll learn from real professionals.

    This is a direct, opinionated course that will give you down-to-earth advice. Skip the vague ponderings of academics and learn how to get results.

  • You'll build best-in-class skills.

    This course is lovingly crafted by industry experts. There’s no better way to learn practical, applied machine learning in the shortest time possible.

Also, getting started and reviewing are both super easy...
...thanks to the quickstart kit and companion e-book.

Plus, enjoy a 100% money back guarantee.

After taking this masterclass, if you haven't learned the skills to apply real-world machine learning and get awesome results, then we don't want your money. We're so confident that you'll love the course that we offer a 30-day guilt-free money back guarantee. Simply send us an email within 30 days of receiving the course and we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked. You can even keep the course as our way of saying thanks for giving it a try.

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  • Project #1: Meet the quartermaster.

    Before every mission, James Bond meets with Q to see his new gadgets. We’ll do the same in our first project. Think of this as an “orientation project on steroids.” We’ll introduce all the key concepts and libraries that will help us throughout the course.

  • Project #2: Become a real-estate mogul.

    In the Project #2, we’ll build a complete real-estate valuation engine. We’ll take housing and geographic data and build a pricing model for homes. This is the perfect project for diving deep into different regression techniques.

  • Project #3: Improve employee retention.

    Project #3 dives into HR Analytics, a exploding use of machine learning. We’ll build a classification model for predicting employee likely to quit based on factors such as the average number of hours worked per week and time since last promotion.

  • Project #4: Discover customer segments.

    In Project #4, we’ll explore how unsupervised learning can help us perform smarter marketing. We’ll take customer behavior data and use clustering methods to group them into different segments.

  • Bonus #1: Quickstart Setup

    Setup will be a breeze, even if you’re a complete beginner. You’ll enjoy a step-by-step quickstart setup guide, reusable checklist, and all the datasets in one ZIP folder.

  • Bonus #2: Companion E-Book

    That’s right, there’s no need to take notes as you go along. You can immerse yourself in the projects and focus on having fun. You’ll get a complete companion PDF bursting with information.

  • Super Bonus #1: Premium Support

    Get access to priority email support dedicated to answering customer questions. Stuck? No problem… You’ll enjoy ultra-fast turnaround times, even over the weekend.

  • Super Bonus #2: Lifetime Updates

    Learn at your own pace, with free lifetime access and updates. And we intend to do everything we can to keep this the best practical machine learning course on the planet.

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Questions you may have...

  • Q.Do I need to know Python to take this course?

    A.While programming skills certainly help, we include a Python crash course that covers the essentials needed for machine learning. If you’ve never programmed before, then we recommend spending longer on Project #1 before continuing on to the other projects.

  • Q.How does this compare to Andrew Ng's machine learning course (at Stanford)?

    A.We think Andrew Ng’s machine learning course is fantastic. However, it’s heavy on theory and very light on practice. This course is the missing link between academic theory and the real-world best practices professionals are actually using.

  • Q.Can I list these projects on my resume/LinkedIn profile?

    A.Yes, absolutely. In fact, we’re going to show you easy ways you can customize and extend each project and make it really unique for you. We want you to learn the skills and walk away with some shiny trophies to show for it.

  • Q.What if I don't like the course?

    A.Our philosophy is very simple: if you don’t learn, we don’t earn. If you’re unhappy with the course for any reason, simply email us within 30 days of receiving it, and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

  • Q.How does the reservation process work?

    A.When you reserve your spot, you’re guaranteed to get in when the next cohort opens. When you join, you’ll get lifetime access, and your 30-day refund guarantee extends to 30 days after you receive the course.

  • Q.Do I need a background in statistics/math/CS?

    A.It helps, but it’s not required. In this course, you’ll learn the practical skills needed to actually get results. If you do decide to later catch up on the math and theory, this will give you an incredible foundation.

  • Q.I'm interested, but a little too busy...

    A.We know that many people are interested in machine learning, but are too busy to study it full-time. That’s why our goal was to create a self-paced course that’s fun and accessible. We get straight-to-the-point, wasting no time on theoretical ramblings.

  • Q.Will this help me become a data scientist or ML engineer?

    A.Short answer: Yes, very much.

    Long answer: This course was created to help anyone in any industry apply machine learning to get professional-grade results. Companies want to see if you can deliver value, so these business-oriented projects are 100x more impressive than academic ones.

  • Q.Is this course compatible with Python 3?

    A.Yes, this course is compatible with both Python 2.7+ and Python 3. In fact, our bonus Quickstart Guide will help you painlessly get set up with either version of Python and all of the required libraries.

  • Q.What if I have another question?

    A.Send us an email, and we’ll be happy to answer it! You can reach us at support [at] elitedatascience [dot] com.

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