Data Science Interview Prep Kit


Practice real take-home challenges, ace your onsite interview, and land your dream job in data science

Dear Aspiring Data Scientist,

Data science job openings are expected to grow by as much as 364,000 in the next 3 years alone.

Data and technology are radically transforming the way leaders make decisions, so companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon are paying a high premium for skilled candidates.

Land your dream job and get paid 6-figures to work with exciting technology...

Currently, Glassdoor reports the median base salary for a Data Scientist to be $110,000/year

 Glassdoor's Best Jobs in America (2017)

Source: Glassdoor's Best Jobs in America (2017)

Meanwhile, IBM predicts demand for Data Scientists to grow 28% by 2020, with over 300,000 new job openings…

As a a Data Scientist, you'll enjoy:

  • A rewarding career in a growing field.
  • Cross-functional, interesting work on a daily basis.
  • Respect, prestige, and a high-paying salary.

Companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, J.P. Morgan, and many well-funded startups are all on the lookout for highly-skilled data scientists to help them gain an edge from their data…

But here’s the problem:

The interview process for data science jobs at top companies is *rigorous* and competitive...

Most top companies have at least 3 rounds of interviews, including...

  • 1

    Round #1 - Initial Phone Screen

    Typically an interview with HR, but you could be asked data science & machine learning concept questions.

  • 2

    Round #2 - Take-Home Challenge

    Take-home data science challenge that has multiple objectives and must be completed within a given time limit.

  • 3

    Round #3 - Onsite "Super Day"

    A series of analytical case questions, SQL coding puzzles, technical questions, and even a behavioral interview.

So how can you make sure you’re fully prepared for this rigorous process?

We've got you covered with the Data Science Interview Prep Kit...


The Data Science Interview Prep Kit

Data Science Interview Prep Kit

The Data Science Interview Prep Kit is our all-inclusive guide for acing the data science job interview…

Overview: Here's What You'll Get...

9 Take-Home Challenges (with 3 complete solutions)

Each of the 9 take-home data science challenges includes:

  • The full dataset
  • A detailed introduction to its business context
  • Multiple realistic objectives

They span across the breadth of common data science applications, including:

  • Challenge #1: Lead Generation (SAMPLE)
  • Challenge #2: Program Evaluation
  • Challenge #3: Subscription Churn
  • Challenge #4: Anomaly Detection
  • Challenge #5: Pricing Test
  • Challenge #6: Facebook Ads Analysis
  • Challenge #7: Market Basket Analysis
  • Challenge #8: A/B Testing
  • Challenge #9: Fraud Prevention

Many of them will also test your ability to apply machine learning efficiently and effectively.

* With complete, replicable solutions to 3 challenges.

121 Onsite Concept Questions (with complete answer key)

Gear up for the onsite interview with 121 machine learning and data science questions compiled from top startups, tech giants, and Fortune 500 corporations.

These questions will serve as guideposts and as a benchmark for your review.

Onsite questions are broken down into 9 key categories:

  • Category #1: The Big Picture
  • Category #2: Optimization
  • Category #3: Data Preprocessing
  • Category #4: Sampling & Splitting
  • Category #5: Supervised Learning
  • Category #6: Unsupervised Learning
  • Category #7: Model Evaluation
  • Category #8: Ensemble Learning
  • Category #9: Business Applications

(see 21 sample questions)

* With answers for ALL 121 questions.

9 SQL Puzzles (with complete solution scripts)

Test your mastery of the most widely-used database language by writing scripts for 9 tough SQL puzzles.

They will test your ability to navigate a range of important topics, including:

  • Selecting, joining, and filtering
  • Group-by's and aggregations
  • Common calculations and metrics
  • Temp and intermediary tables
  • Using sub-queries to organize your code
  • Converting datatypes
  • And much more...

* With solutions for ALL 9 puzzles.

SQL Puzzles
Learn from real data scientists

Practical advice from data scientists

Get down-to-earth guidance straight from professional data scientists. We exclusively focus on actionable advice and industry best practices.

We've sat on both sides of the interview table, and we know what you'll need to give yourself the best chance for success.

Don't forget the behavioral interview...

Technical skills and key concepts will get you most of the way there, but the behavioral interview will take you over the top.

Data scientist positions require you to work with cross-functional teams.

Employers will look for communication skills, your ability to explain your strengths, and how well you'll "fit" with the company culture.

Being ready to crush any behavioral questions thrown your way can give you a huge edge vs. your competitors.

Good news - we've got a free bonus for you that will prepare you ASAP...

Bonus #1: Interview Success Triggers

*This is a pre-release, premium interview coaching product from one of our partners.

The complete program includes 5 parts, and it's the perfect recipe for crushing the behavioral interview as easily as possible:

  • #1 - Interview Success Triggers - Target 3 “Success Triggers” To Go On The Offensive And Outshine Competitors
  • #2 - Companion Worksheets - To Make Your Prep Process As Smooth As Possible
  • #3 - The Night Before Checklists - Sleep Better With This 20-Point Checklist Of Things To Prepare The Night Before Your Interview
  • #4 - Success Triggers Field Guide - Word For Word “Success Trigger” Answers To The Most Common Interview Questions
  • #5 - Passing The Phone Screen - Improve Vocal Clarity, Let Your Enthusiasm Shine, And Land The Second Round Interview

The Data Science Interview Prep KitInterview Success Triggers is the most comprehensive package available for aspiring data scientists.

Interview Success Triggers
Lifetime Access and Updates

Bonus #2: Lifetime Access & Updates

Finally, unlike other programs, if you ever need to interview again in the future (switching jobs, etc.), you'll get up-to-date materials in your member dashboard thanks to lifetime access and all future updates.

This prep kit will never be outdated, and you're warmly welcomed back at any time.

Here’s What People Are Saying About EliteDataScience…

This Interview Prep Kit is brand new, but here are some student reviews from our popular Machine Learning Masterclass!

Zachary Washam Investment Banking Analyst, USA

"Differentiator in my day job"

The course has been great. Very well put together, easy to follow, and I feel like I'm learning effectively. I like that it's very interactive - learn by doing rather than lectures. The course has exposed me to things I would not learn in my job but are highly relevant to the analysis I do every day. The things I've learned in this course have been a differentiator for me in my day job.

Julie Truong Marketing Analytics, UK

"Thank you for being human and old school"

I appreciated that 'me' is the most important subject here, as opposed to trying to sell me something all the time e.g. extra resources. I miss the world where companies would go above and beyond to help individuals succeed and let word of mouth do its job, and not try to get a few extra dollars for something really beneficial. Thank you for being human and old school!

Rafael Paim Financial Analyst, Portugal

"Link between the concepts and the real steps of a data science job"

I was looking for the link between the concepts and the real steps of a data science job. The way you approach the models/techniques is a far better way than long and exhaustive statistical explanations. I feel motivated to keep learning more detailed and complex models. This is the "easy and soft" way we can learn and start understanding and apply data science in our day to day problems. I'm very pleased and you fulfill 100% the objective.

Jess Stahl Professor, USA

"The really valuable skill in the near future"

ML is generally presented as though advanced level math is required. Yet, I knew IT and CS professionals who used tools to engage in ML that did not have an extremely advanced math background. This type of course is helpful for those with IT/analyst background who are not looking to invest several years in math courses, but would like to engage in ML. Soon, I think there will be many tools that perform the math so that the really valuable skill in the near future will actually be understanding the process and the results for informed decisions/conclusions/recommendations.

Ben Wilson BI Analyst, USA

"I'm confident to take on predictive analytics projects at the office"

This is at least my 5th pass at learning this material (Thinkful bootcamp, Andrew Ng Course, Data Camp, and a multitude of books). You've given me a rock solid framework. Walking through the full process from data exploration to proper test splits and hyperparameter search to fit the best model was so valuable. A lot of other programs just focus on the algorithm implementation. It's easy when you are starting with the ABT. Now I'm confident to take on predictive analytics projects at the office that no one has had the expertise to tackle before.

Start Early, Prepare Diligently, and Land Your Dream Job in Data Science!

The Interview Prep Kit is the most comprehensive program available.

With it, you’ll be ready for every step of the interview process on your way to landing a 6-figure job in data science:

  • 9 Real Take-Home Analytical Challenges (w/ 3 complete solutions)
  • 121 Data Science Concept Questions (w/ all answers)
  • 9 Tough SQL Puzzles (w/ all solutions)
  • Dozens of Insider Tips for the Interview Process
  • Bonus #1: The Complete Interview Success Triggers Program
  • Bonus #2: Lifetime Access & Updates

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  3. You simply don’t like the font we use

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For the take-home challenges, may I use [insert language here]?

Yes, you may use any scripting language you’re familiar with. We recommend R or Python.

For the SQL puzzles, may I use [insert language here]?

You may use any SQL-based DBMS that you’re familiar with. Some popular ones are Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, or Hive.

We use MySQL, which is both free and the second most popular database management system based on

What if I don't like the product?

Our philosophy is very simple: if you’re not happy, we don’t earn. If you’re unhappy with the product for any reason, simply email us within 30 days, and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

What if I have another question?

Send us an email, and we’ll be happy to answer it! You can reach us at support [at] elitedatascience [dot] com.

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