Hello, and welcome to EliteDataScience.com! This website is built and maintained by data scientists for data scientists.

What Makes Us Different?

Many data science sites out there are focused on teaching concepts and providing technical tutorials. While those are all incredibly important, there’s much more to a fulfilling career as a data scientist than just mastering machine learning algorithms and solving interesting math problems.

All data professionals, ranging from aspiring beginners to battle-hardened veterans, might run into the following questions at some point in their career:

  • What skills should I be developing right now to advance my career?
  • How can I negotiate a better income?
  • Where do I find free or low-cost resources to learn X, Y, or Z?
  • Can I take these skills and use them to start my own business?
  • Where are the best places to find freelance or contract work?
  • How can I make a bigger impact in my organization?
  • How can I land an entry-level data science job?
  • What should I include on my resume?
  • …and the list goes on.

EliteDataScience.com’s mission is to tackle answers to these questions and do our best to help you have a more fulfilling and rewarding career as a data scientist.

What Can You Expect From Us?

You can expect the following topics from us:

  1. How To Become a Data Scientist
  2. Building a Fulfilling Career
  3. Hand-Picked Resources and Tools
  4. Data Entrepreneurship and Freelancing
  5. The Soft Skills Of Data Science
  6. Fun Project Ideas

If that sounds interesting to you, we invite you to join our community!

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